Building futures for Rwandan specialty coffee farmers

Building brighter futures for
Rwandan specialty coffee farmers

The Karengera Kabuga washing station is in Nyamasheke
district in western Rwanda and works with 328 farmers.

Our passion for coffee extends to the hardworking people who nurture and grow it. As a growing Rwandan coffee company, we take our social responsibility seriously.

Our aim is to build better lives for our specialty coffee farmers and brighter futures for our youth. They are the cornerstone of our industry. This is why we invest in the health, wellbeing and resources of our coffee-growing communities in Cyahinda and Karengera Kabuga.

Every year, we pay community health insurance for all our farming families. We have funded clean water distribution in the community, built a good road to the coffee washing station, and helped build community offices in nearby villages.

We plan to increase the capacity of our washing stations which currently process 1,500 tonnes of fresh coffee cherries. Processing more coffee means that we can employ more local people in the CWS and the fields.

The most important part of our community is sharing the benefits of specialty coffee with our 1,375 hardworking coffee farmers. At Cyahinda Coffee, we want to ensure that the premium prices paid for our wonderful coffee go directly to those who grow it.

By providing reliable, fair incomes, our farmers can afford better quality food, housing, schooling, health insurance and other necessities that improve their lives.

Higher earning capacities particularly empower our women farmers. Traditionally, Rwandan women have less access to land, equipment, finance or markets. By valuing them as equal partners, we open up a world of possibilities.

We truly believe that Cyahinda Coffee can have a real impact on the future of our country. We can grow hope, create opportunities and cement Rwanda’s position as one of the world’s top specialty coffee producers.