Contact Cyahinda Coffee for specialty Rwandan Arabica

Contact Cyahinda CoffeeRwanda for exceptional, specialty Arabica

Cyahinda Coffee is an award-winning Rwandan specialty coffee company. We grow and export 100% Arabica Bourbon coffee.

Our two coffee washing stations are Cyahinda CWS in southern Rwanda, and Karengera Kabuga KARBUGA in western Rwanda.

We work over with 1,300 small holder farmers in two of Rwanda’s best coffee-growing regions. Investing in and taking care of our coffee communities is very important to us.

Cyahinda processes fully washed, honey, and natural specialty coffees. We follow sustainable farming practices and are in the process of gaining Rainforest Alliance certification.

Our signature Cyahinda coffee is complex and sweet with flavours of fruit, florals, chocolate and nuts.

Our single origin 100% Bourbon coffee has a cupping profile of orange, honey, caramel and vanilla. It is smooth and heavy with notes of mixed fruits and roasted nuts, and a clean, honeyed and sweet finish.

Want to partner with us for exceptional, single origin, Rwandan specialty Bourbon coffee? We are looking for new export opportunities to share our coffee internationally.

Our coffee is export certified and ready to go wherever you are.

Get in touch today. We’d love to tell you more about our coffee.

Cyahinda Coffee Ltd
Phone: +250 788 735 844
Ngobyi Village, Rutobwe cell, Cyahinda sector, Nyaruguru district, southern province, Rwanda