Specialty Rwandan Arabica
empowering women


Single origin, specialty Arabica coffee from the mountains of Rwanda

Cyahinda grows specialty Arabica Bourbon coffee in the mountains of Cyahinda in southern Rwanda, and Karengera Kabuga in the west. Our fully washed green coffee parchment is exported to other African countries and internationally.
Our founder is Rwandan woman and coffee grower, Niyonsaba Betty Scheba. She wants to empower other women to change their lives through specialty coffee.

Betty started Cyahinda Coffee with its first coffee washing station in 2015, buying fresh coffee cherries from the local farmers. Over the last six years, our business has grown steadily.

Today, we work alongside 1,375 farmers on 1,000 hectares to produce exceptional specialty Bourbon from our two washing stations in Cyahinda and Karengera Kabuga. Our Karengera Kabuga washing station is a 3-time winner at the Cup of Excellence Awards.

Our coffee is grown on small farms of less than one hectare, high on the mountain slopes 1,800-2,000m above sea level (asl). Here, the rich, acidic, volcanic soils, high elevation, seasonal rainfall of 1,300-1,400mm p.a., and cool mountain climate of 17-18oC provide perfect conditions for growing specialty Arabica coffee.

Our beautiful environment helps shape the unique flavour and aromatic qualities of our coffee. We are known for well-fruited, creamy and refined coffees with very clean acidity.

You’ll taste notes of hibiscus with a tart but sweet flavour when lightly roasted. Darker roasts have a more developed caramelized brown sugar and sweet roasted nutty flavour. It finishes with a buttery and macadamia aftertaste and lingering notes of fruit and chocolate.

Cupping at 87+, our coffee is a little taste of heaven.

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At Cyahinda, we work to:

Secure fair prices for our premium coffee

Value and empower our women coffee farmers

Increase coffee production through sustainable agriculture

Gain Rainforest Alliance certification

Promote socio-economic development in Rwanda

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