Cyahinda CWS

Cyahinda CWS

Processing fully washed Rwandan Bourbon specialty coffee

Fully washed Rwandan
Bourbon specialty coffees

The Cyahinda coffee washing station (CWS)
opened in 2015 in Cyahinda, Nyaruguru district
in southern Rwanda.

The Cyahinda CWS processes our fully washed Rwandan Bourbon specialty coffee. It was our first washing station and remains our largest.

We work directly with over 1,200 local specialty coffee farmers who deliver their harvested coffee cherries to us each year between March and July. We have the capacity to process 1,500 tons of fresh coffee cherries.

The Cyahinda CWS has worked with the Abakundakawa Nziza Cooperative and three coffee farmers associations: Abahinzi Borozi, Dufatanye and Abakoranabushake.

The Cyahinda CWS operates under the following climatic conditions:
Altitude: 1,800 – 2,050m asl (av. 1,819m)
Coffee variety: Arabica

Flowering period: Start September
Harvest time: March – July
Number of farmers: 1,280

Region: Nyaruguru
Micro region: Cyahinda
Soil type: Clay, clay-sandy
Soil pH mean: 5.3

Precipitation range: 1,300 – 1,400 mm
Temperature range: 17 – 18 degr ees Celsius
Treatment capacity: 1,500 tons
Processing system: Wet processing

Mucilage removal: MacKinnon 3-disc pulping machine
Drying: 150 elevated tables, direct sun drying
Storage: One warehouse with natural ventilation system and pallets
Road accessibility: Good
Water source: Natural spring
Energy Source: Generator
Environmental protection measures: Natural seepage and EM technology for organic manure production from coffee pulp

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Sustainable excellence
in Bourbon coffee









Cyahinda CWS processes Bourbon coffee with an objective to achieve a sustainable and distinguished high end flavour, acidity and taste.

During our wet processing techniques, we choose only the ripe, red cherries. They are carefully sorted and pulped, washed, rinsed, and sun-dried to maintain their natural flavour and the excellent attributes of true Bourbon coffee.

We have set measures and strict quality control at each step of the value chain from farm to export and ultimately to cup.

Cyahinda coffee has unique flavours and aromatic qualities, most notably its black fruit (blackcurrant, blackberry and black cherry), a unique mouth feel described as “mouth-coating” and “syrupy”, and a medium-long, sweet finish.

The result: Our Cyahinda Bourbon is exceptional, well refined and cups at 87+.

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