Farming sustainable specialty Rwandan coffee

Sustainable farming &
climate-smart agriculture

We are grateful to live and farm high in the beautiful Rwandan mountains, “land of a thousand hills”.

The coffee-growing culture in the Cyahinda region is founded on good agricultural practices and pride in producing superb Rwandan coffee.

Coffee is grown high in the mountains of Rwanda in rich, volcanic soils with reliable seasonal rainfall and cool, humid air. Few fertilizers have ever touched this land – they are not needed.

Our environment gives us our unique, sustainable specialty Rwandan coffee. That is why we are dedicated to nurturing and protecting our land and ecosystem and farming sustainably.

Cyahinda Coffee supports all 1,375 of our farmers in using climate-smart agriculture and best practices for specialty coffee.

We use techniques such as mulching, pruning and weeding, together with organic manure from coffee pulp. We use EM technology to optimise our soils and promote plant growth. These natural practices care for our coffee trees and maintain our healthy, rich, volcanic soils.

We use hydroelectric energy, backed up by a generator. And we employ careful wastewater treatment to keep our natural spring water clean.

We are currently in the process of gaining our Rainforest Alliance certification for sustainable agriculture.

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Growing and processing single origin, specialty coffee

From the start of September, the small coffee gardens across Cyahinda near the Nyungwe Forest burst into bloom as the coffee trees flower. Bees pollinate the flowers, and the cherries turn bright red during harvest time between March and July.

Our farmers are all located within three miles of our washing station. This ensures a quick delivery of the freshest beans, fully traceable to individual farms.

This is definitive single origin coffee.

We process fully washed, honey, and natural coffee parchment. Our current processing capacity is 5,000 tons of cherries per season.

All our coffee is hand sorted, pulped, fermented, washed, and sun-dried under shade at our washing station. We then hand select the beans for bagging at our warehouse facility prior to shipping.

From the nursery to the mill, we quality check our coffee at every stage to ensure the best product.

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